Yemen Government Digital Transformation  Initiative

We seek to raise  the level of efficiency in government performance, and innovation in services,  spending and economic growth through the use of information and communication  technology.

The  importance of digital transformation

Digital  transformation is a solid foundation for achieving national visions, strategies  and programs that contribute to supporting planning, sound decision-making  and future forecasting by employing smart digital technologies



Objectives of  the Government Digital Transformation Initiative


Draw a clear  vision and roadmap for digital transformation in Yemen


Identify  digital transformation priorities and enable their systematic implementation


Alignment, avoiding duplication and addressing the complexity of operations


Enable digital channels to access electronic services


building  trust in the government digital transformation program


Supporting  the achievement of national trends and priorities of Yemen's vision in digital transformation

Four  practical tracks have been identified to help achieve the national vision and  directions of the program by drawing the strategic objectives and appropriate  initiatives for each track to ensure implementation and work according to the  specified pillars and reach the desired results.

Pathways to  achieve the vision of digital transformation of government services

What will the  digital transformation initiative achieve in the provision of government  services?

Reducing the  impact on the environment due to congestion and service delivery requirements

A central  screen to track the performance of services and revenues

Technical  architecture, integration and inter-digital interconnection between  enterprises

Accuracy in  data and enable planning, decision-making and future forecasting

Central  government platform for complaints and suggestions

A platform to  measure individual, institutional and financial performance

Safety,  transparency and satisfaction of beneficiaries of government services

Call Center  & Central Services

A unified  national portal for electronic services

Smart  services and premium experience

National capabilities of sustainability transformation

Enabling  local and foreign investments and improving the work environment

Simplified  and proactive government procedures

Core Shared  Digital Solutions



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